Applicant Info

Applicant Information

Each season, the Arrowhead Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) seeks quality employees to fill crew member positions for duty as a wildland firefighter. For most fire seasons, these positions should start in early May and will end in late October with the expectation that each crew member be available for duty for the entire fire season. Crew members are hired on a Not To Exceed (NTE) 1039 hours in a 1-year basis as either a GS-462-04 or a GS-462-05, depending upon experience level and education.


Arrowhead Hotshots are hired as GS-4's and GS-5's. Overtime is paid for duty over 8 hours in a day at a rate of 1.5 times the base wage. For duty in hazardous situations, such as wildfires, employees are compensated an additional 25% of base wage. Crew members earn from $20,000 to $30,000 in a six month period, depending upon the severity of the fire season.

Selection Requirements

Successful applicants will meet each of the following requirements:

As mandated in the Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations Guide, 80% of the crew members on the Arrowhead IHC shall possess at least 1 year of experience on wildland fires. Although everyone who considers themselves well suited for a Hotshot position is encouraged to apply, in reality, applicants with no experience are rarely hired due to the large number of applicants with previous fire experience. We recommend working on engines or Type II hand crews before becoming a Hotshot.  

Physical conditioning is the cornerstone of the Arrowhead IHC. Applicants are strongly suggested to maintain a rigorous, structured physical training program before the season starts and be prepared to describe their training schedule. Every member of the Arrowhead IHC is expected to arrive at work on the first day in excellent physical condition and be prepared to excel in a difficult physical training program.

Competition for the limited number of available positions is fierce and most applicants do not receive offers. Working as a hotshot is not for everyone. The job requires tough, knowledgeable individuals with strength, stamina, and an ability to remain level-headed in an extremely intense and hazardous environment. The Arrowhead Hotshots strive to create an atmosphere of hard working, hard playing teamwork with an emphasis on maintaining a reputation of quality and efficiency. Not all applicants will be compatible with the Arrowhead Hotshot Crew program and those with apprehension about the commitment needed to be a Hotshot are advised to seek employment elsewhere.  

Through the years the Arrowhead Hotshot Crew has built a solid reputation for doing good work, having a professional attitude, and getting things done safely.  If you want to work hard digging dirt, breathing smoke, and have a good time doing it with 19 other like minded individuals, then apply to be an Arrowhead Hotshot.  We care not about your race, religion or far as Hotshots are concerned there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who don't!

How To Apply

Applications for Arrowhead IHC crew member positions are accepted beginning in November  and will close in  January  for the upcoming fire season. The formal announcement explains the hiring process and contains all the information needed to apply for a crew member position with the Arrowhead IHC. Applications without all of the required information may not be considered. Official announcements and information can be acquired by contacting the hotshot superintendent or ops foreman by phone or by email:

 Nick Chavira