The Arrowhead Hotshots

20 Year Reunion Highlights

Thank You to everyone for making our 20 Year Reunion a whopping success!  We couldn't have done it without you--or at least it wouldn't have been as much fun!  If you were unable to attend, we still have some of the 30 page Reunion books available. We also have a few T-shirts available--call for details.  Check our contact page for our office phone number or you can email the webmaster (webmaster at arrowheadhotshots dot org).

We held our official 20 year reunion in the early spring of 2001.  There have been unofficial reunions throughout the years since 1981, but this one was organized.  It was over a year in the planning; it was quite a chore trying to find the hundreds of Arrowhead Hotshots from years gone by.  Once addresses were obtained, we sent fliers to everyone getting their preferences of a reunion location, dates and such.  And speaking of location, our Superintendent Brit took a lot of grief because although just about everyone involved wanted the reunion at Swale, he was certain that for that time of year, snow was just far too likely.  Well......he was right!

Left to right:  Jon Jones, Brit Rosso, Carol Nicholas, Dan Turner, Mike Ressler, Mark Gerwe, Patrick Morgan
(This photo was taken the afternoon before the reunion.)

So once again, Brit was right.  We had the reunion at Kelly's Beach down in Reedley where the weather was much nicer:

Left to right:  Brit Rosso, Ben Jacobs, Eric Walker

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